The Woes of Doyle

The Royal Guard flanked Lieutenant Doyle as he entered quietly into the Kings chambers. King Jorje was grinning widely at him and appeared to be in a jovial mood, his unusual jolly demeanour unsettled the already nervous Lieutenant causing him to hesitate for a short...

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Crime and Punishment

“Keep still traitor!” The Specialis Pueri Evretti spat her words scornfully at the guilt ridden Dedicatus before her. “Did you honestly think, your despicable theft would go unnoticed on my watch?” Amtun did not return Evrettis icy stare but rather continued to stare...

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Poor Ukld

Ukld the Unmann was not too bright even by Orcnar standards and often found himself separated from his tribe. One day he had gotten himself lost and was trying to find his way home when he was set upon by a tiny yellow fellow… “How dare you darken the sacred forests...

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The Stranger

All eyes were upon the stranger as he wandered wearily into the camp. He walked with an awkward hobble, like an old beggar; yet he was cloaked in a fine robe of expensive silk. Colonel Phillyps wandered if he was some sort of privileged leper, an expendable embarrassment sent out to do the dirty work for some spineless toff.

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Night Terror

Night Terror – The blood-curdling cries of the Ridend rang out into the night as the cult of C’thu rampaged through their woodland homes in the outback settlement of Wensnett

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The Demise of Damaratte

Damaratte awoke in the darkness and began to panic. Stripped of his armour he felt naked and helpless and he wriggled around on the floor like a maggot. He looked up at the beast which hovered over him and cursed loudly as he realised he had been captured by the weird creatures.

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