Relicia is an incredibly vast planet that is immensely larger and much more significant than our own humble earth. It has so many geographical boundaries that are also further divided by hundreds of perceived territorial borders that it is nigh on impossible to identify all of them accurately. Much of the ancient knowledge of the past has been forgotten and lost and many of Relicias deepest mysteries still remain hidden.

None the less, the wise are still able to gather much knowledge from the limited texts and architecture left behind by the ancients of Relicia and there will always be plenty of brave explorers who are eager and willing to risk life and limb in their quest for understanding.

Two of the larger local regions are Eard and Encartria and both have been explored in extensive detail, so too has the seemingly insignificant island of Unglandan, due largely to the hostile actions of its most dominant inhabitants.

The region of Xanawang is one of the most hostile regions on the planet and the landscape is much more treacherous and unforgiving than those previously mentioned. It is a strange and confusing place where nothing should be taken at first glance and everything is potentially nothing more than an elaborate illusion designed to induce madness upon all who would dare venture into the kingdom of the Vaettir. Even the ancient structures that the Vaettir so lovingly decorated the landscape with in the days of the past have been unable to escape the taint of the Maaj and its decay that has festered since the Great Collapse, the damage brought about by the meddling of the Vaettir has left their magnificent spire towers unnaturally disjointed and grotesquely malformed, in many cases the towers shift randomly in a constant state of re –arrangement much like the creatures who occupy them.

In contrast, the tiny island of Ridendea is like a paradise kingdom and along with its inhabitants has seemingly remained uncorrupted by the flood of Maaj that has devastated so many other places. It is not fully understood how Ridendea has managed to remain untouched by the taint but its existence gives hope to the free peoples of Relicia that there may be other, lesser known pockets of salvation, where they too might be able to rebuild their lost kingdoms.

Another place that appears to have remained unaffected by the Maaj is within the inner earth of Relicia, but who knows what foul despicable creatures dwell in the darkness there? Needless to say there are few folk who have been brave enough to venture into the core and even less has returned to tell the tale.

So far the few horrific creatures that have ventured to the surface from within the inner earth have been of the foulest disposition and their appearance has brought even more terror to the already crumbling kingdoms of Relicia.

It is even whispered that amongst the sprawling myriad of portals that can be found scattered across all the regions of Relicia, that there are a number of hidden and forbidden portals that lead straight to the very core of the inner kingdom. No one has been able to confirm that these rumours hold any truth though as those who may have accidentally stumbled upon them will have been highly unlikely to finds a means of escape from within the dark deep of the inner earth.

Many of these portals were constructed by the Gods themselves but there are just as many that were present upon Relicia long before their arrival and we can only guess as to who may have built them. The technology is not fully understood by the Relicians of today and the Nuem in particular have an incredibly disdainful attitude towards devices of such purpose, the fact that aside from the original creators they alone possess both the intellectual capabilities and resources needed to comprehend these hidden gateways is a tragic, unfortunate coincidence.

Although all creatures throughout Relica use portals in varying degrees for their own needs, the true nature of the portals that lead to the inner earth are a complete and an utter mystery and for now at least the Nuem seem highly unlikely to change their stance on the matter, they already know too well what foul beasts there are lurking in the darkness and they have absolutely no intention of returning anytime soon.

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