Relics Player Map

Instructions on how to add yourself can be found below the map. All pins require admin verification before they will appear. Please bear with us on this.

Instructions – Adding a pin.

Add yourself to the map by using the blue cross in the top right hand corner of the map (highlighted red in the image below).

When adding a pin use the drop down on the dialog to select Retailer or Player, depending on what you are. If you select the wrong one we may not approve your pin.

 TIP: Don’t forget it may be a good idea to add some info to help people contact you such as a email address. This is optional mind!

Adding a Pin

You will be given a url which allows you to edit your pin later on if you need too.

As such, best not to lose it! Store it somewhere save or bookmark it.

Pin Added - Keep the URL

Instructions – Editing a Pin

Remember that URL you were given when creating your pin? Now is the time to visit it. You will be presented the dialog in the image from which you can edit you pin and change your info if you are feeling fruity.

Editing a Pin

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