The guilds of the Praefectus Equitum are highly specialised inventors and are familiar with the workings of all mechanical devices and contraptions. The art of their machining is central to a core belief where speed is considered to be of the utmost importance but they work closely with the other guilds of engineering to maintain a healthy balance and variety in their work.


In battle they themselves will adorn customized wheel devices to increase the speed at which they can bring their malice down to bare on their enemies. Rolling thunderously across the battlefield they are able to smash through ranks of their opponents with ease, redirecting their attacks wherever they see fit and performing quick lightning raids on identified key targets.

The Praefectus Equitum – Nuem Reinforcements for January

Release date: Late January

Pack Content: 2 models

Price: TBC

Praefectus Equitum Front

Praefectus Equitum Rear

Praefectus Equitum Top

Praefectus Equitum Side

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