The whims of a spoilt King can cause nations to crumble, but the arrogance of the ancients could split the world in half. Some seek decadent comfort in the pain and suffering while others pound the drums of war to fight the oppression.

The Relics miniature range is a totally unique and original 28mm miniatures range. Each of the races of Relicia has a highly distinctive feel; both in terms of look and play style.

The Relics rule set is a unit based skirmish tabletop wargame.

Here are some of the key points:

The Basics

  • Alternating activation sequence
  • Makes use of the good old D6
  • Hits are caused by rolling doubles
  • Small model count
  • played on 3′ x 3′ tables with 4 to 6 terrain pieces.
  • Unrestricted force composition means you can build those themed forces how YOU want them! Relics doesn’t restrict you on the number of a particular unit you can take.

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