Our Ranges

The whims of a spoilt King can cause nations to crumble, but the arrogance of the ancients could split the world in half. Some seek decadent comfort in the pain and suffering while others pound the drums of war to fight the oppression. Where will your adventures take you?

Relics is a totally unique and original 28mm miniatures range that is currently supported by three games, Relics, Relic: War and Relics: Clash.

Each of the races of Relicia has a highly distinctive feel; both in terms of look and play style.

Players can currently choose their forces from the Britanan Empire, the Orcnar, the Vaettir or the Nuem. Two more factions are also being developed at present; one of them is coming to restore order and honourableness to Relicia, while the other intends to spread its madness indiscriminately...


In a world as bleak and barren as Relicia it is somewhat difficult to believe there is any hope for the most dominant warring factions as most of the time they are hell bent on destroying each other in the most imaginatively brutal fashions possible. Yet to my amazement, in the midst of the black vortex of pain and suffering that has become second nature to the quirky inhabitants of Relicia, there seems to be a shining ray of hopeful light.

Relics: Armistice League (RAL) is a fantasy football game unlike any other. There is no ‘gaming board’ or ‘grid movement’ for RAL…. because RAL is not a board game!