Relics 2nd Edition Beta Testing

Relics 2nd Edition Beta – What an exciting time at Tor Gaming as Relics enters a new period of life!! Download the rules and get involved in the beta NOW!

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The whims of a spoilt king can cause nations to crumble…

But the arrogance of the ancients could split the world in half. Some seek decadent comfort in the pain and suffering while others pound the drums of war to fight the oppression.

Supported by a range of models in the 30mm scale, Relics is tabletop wargame set on the unique world of Relicia.

Of the countless worlds I have explored on my eternal quest for knowledge, none have been more fascinating than the strange lands of Relicia.

Relicia is a world on the brink of destruction, a damned forsaken planet where the cruel and the wicked prosper, where the puppet soldiers of a mad king march endlessly to war, where the clockwork suited monks of an enslaved people seek to avenge those who betrayed them so long ago while creatures descended from noble origins rot and fade into obscurity and nothingness.

I am the Chronicler Dammeus, this world as I see it is not my own.

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Tor Gaming News – Most Recent

Price Changes

After a review of our pricing we are to implement the following changes to items in the Relics range.

We understand it can be frustrating when prices change but we need to ensure our packs are as profitable as possible whilst also being outstanding value for money.

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Tor Gaming News – The Rest

Relicia Chronicler Council

Do you have what it takes to be a Relicia Chronicler? We are looking for 7 volunteers to become the Relicia Chronicler Council, could one of those people be you?

What is the Relicia Chronicler Council? It is a group of 7 gamers who want to be part of the Relics world. They will be responsible for helping us push Relics in the right direction through discussion and analysis.

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Webstore Closure for UK Games Expo Prep.

With the UK Games Expo just 18 days away, the Tor Gaming webstore is getting ready to go into ‘down time’ to allow us time to get all the show stock ready.

Oh, and don’t forget, there are FREE Maverick Mikes up for grabs too!!

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C’thu Update

C’thu Update – The madness and horror is getting nearer. We take a look at the latest sculpting progress on these nightmares!

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