Happy Birthday to us! Happy Presents for You!

by | Mar 10, 2017

Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us!

Well, what do you now, it happens to be Tor Gaming’s birthday this month! Wouldn’t be nice if we to give away some presents! Well guess what…. We are!! We have set up the cart to automatically add some free stuff to our cart when you place an order. The items you get are dependent on how much you spend as follows…. Just add your order to the cart and the store will add the required free items automatically. Note, this only applies to individual model packs and starter sets. Bundles and other items don’t count towards the amount you spend. Oh, and it all stacks! Spend £100 or more and you will get the £30 and £40 free items too!

Save 20%

Hey, it’s our birthday, so why not?!?

Just use code ‘birthday‘ and the cart will apply the discount for you! Bo0M!

But don’t delay, it all ends on the 24th March.

Spend over £30 and get this for embroidered Chronicler patch for FREE!

Participation Patch

Spend over £40 and get the marvelous Maverick Mike for FREE!

Maverick Mike

Spend over £100 and get this Mystical Stone Terrain Set for FREE!

Relics - Portal