Tactical Formations

Tactical Formations are a new way to build your forces in Relics. By purchasing one or more formation during army construction, you get additional rules applied to specific units.

You could think of a Tactical Formation as elite units or units that have formed a tight bond on the battlefield.

How do they work?

Jock's Jacobites
During force construction, you can choose to take one or more tactical formations. You pay a single cost for each formation and in return you get a set number of units and some additional rules and tweaks to their profiles.

Lets take an example, the ‘Jock’s Jacobites’ formation for the Britanans.

This formation costs 51 points and gives you the following units:

  • 1x Puppeteer
  • 2x Highlander units

The formations then makes the following changes to these units:

  • Each Highlander unit gains the Brutal Charge attribute as an advantage.
  • The Puppeteer gains a new spell – ‘Marked’.

The ‘Marked’ spell allows you to mark a unit for the highlanders to attack. When either (or both!) of the Highlander unit is attacking an enemy unit with a Marked counter, the Highlanders gain ‘Ferocious’.

It’s important you get your activations done in the right order though as the marked counter is removed during the Post Actions phase of the marked unit!

Hit the button below to download the first lot of tactical formations and rules on how to use them!

Tactical Formation Bundles

Just to make it easy for you to get a Tactical Formation up and running, we have put together a bundle for each one.

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