“Keep still traitor!”

The Specialis Pueri Evretti spat her words scornfully at the guilt ridden Dedicatus before her.

“Did you honestly think, your despicable theft would go unnoticed on my watch?”

Amtun did not return Evrettis icy stare but rather continued to stare at the stone ground, his lips twisted and pouted in disgust.

“I did not take any more than my fair share of the Mord! I don’t care what you say, it’s nothing but nonsense!”

Evrettis normally fair complexion had flushed a deep shade of crimson as a wave of anger swept over her.

“You are a liar Amtun! I can see it written all over your face as clear as day! Why will you not repent for your heinous crimes? Why are you forcing me to do this?”

Evrettis arms flailed wildly as she berated Amtun, the Dedicatus lining the outer walls of the chamber exchanged nervous glances and shuffled awkwardly; all of them too scared to react for fear of incurring the wrath of Evretti.

“How many times do I have to tell you? I didn’t steal the bloody Mord stone!”

Amtun could not contain his frustration any longer and his eyes bulged as he screamed his response to Evretti.

“Very well Amtun, have it your way! You leave me with no choice whatsoever. Timat? Decan? Come over here please.”

From the far end of the chamber, the two ancient Dedicatus made their way towards Evretti and a very nervous looking Amtun.

“Strip this criminal of his pain suit! Leave him with nothing but his own skin for comfort!”

Amtun began to panic frantically as his brother Dedicatus restrained him firmly and began removing the plates of his armour.

“No! Please! Do not take my pain suit from me! I swear it was not me! I would never lie to you Evretti! Please don’t do this to me, I don’t deserve this!”

Timat and Decan bore no expression on their hardened faces as they stripped away the plates of Amtuns archaic armour, his desperate pleas for leniency clearly falling on deaf ears.

“Please I beg you! Anything but this, I’m not a criminal!”

Amtun continued to sob and beg but it was no use, the ruling of the Specialis Pueri is absolute and their words hold the same weight as those of the blessed child. No Nuem would dare to disobey that authority. In a short while, Amtun was stripped completely naked; his deformed body wriggled helplessly on the cold floor. Evretti hovered effortlessly with her arms folded across her chest, a look of self-satisfaction upon her face.

“This is what happens to thieves my Dedicatus brothers! Witness the pathetic deviant as he realises the severity of his crime, look upon his wretched form and keep the image clear in your minds!”

She turned suddenly and moved towards Decan, startling him with her swiftness.

“This…” She said tapping her clawed fingers upon the chinking metal of his armour.

“…is not an instrument that is rightfully yours to own. It is a privilege that the Blessed Child bestows upon each of you! Be warned though, as graciously as she has gifted them to you, she will also tear them away without a second thought if you do not obey her teachings!”

The threat was felt all around the chamber but none of the Dedicatus would dare to move or show any signs of weakness. Evretti flashed a mocking smile and stepped backwards away from Decan.

“I think I have made my point perfectly clear. Take Amtun the Shamed of the Paenitentium away from me now, I am bored of looking at his disgusting figure!”

Evretti did not wait for the Dedicatus to comply with her wishes and swiftly left the chamber before anyone else moved. After a short uncomfortable silence Timat and Decan took the naked Amtun in hand and carried him off screaming to the dreaded guild of the Paenitentium.

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