Price Changes

by | May 26, 2016 | News

After a review of our pricing we are to implement the following changes to items in the Relics range.

We understand it can be frustrating when prices change but we need to ensure our packs are as profitable as possible whilst also being outstanding value for money. We have maintained prices on some items at a level lower than they really should have been but it’s now time to make those changes.

But it’s not all doom or gloom, 2 items are actually going down in price!

Taking Effect Immediately.

The following price changes are taking Effect immediately and are price decreases.


  • Orcnar Dmoder and Nappa: Decrease to £24.00
  • Orcnar Angilde: Decrease to £18.00


  • Nuem Praefectus Equitum: Decrease to £25.00 and one model per pack

Taking Effect 9th June 2016.

The following price changes are taking effect on the 9th June 2016 and are price increase.


  • Kapolop Knights: increase to £18.00
  • Ridend Archers increase to £16.00
  • Ridend Foot Knights: increase to £16.00
  • Ridend Peasants: increase to £16.00


  • Britanan Rangers: increase to £16.00
  • Britanan Highanders: increase to £16.00


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