C’thu Update

Mar 31, 2016 | C'thu, News

C’thu Update – The madness and horror is getting nearer. We take a look at the latest sculpting progress on these nightmares!

The Mighty Shogra – WiP


Hounds of Cantaaris – WiP

Hounds of Cantaaris-WIP

Thorns and Barbs of Thamos – WiP

Thorns and Barbs of Thamo

Relics is Saved!

Tor Gaming are very excited to announce Relics is saved! Since our announcement that Tor Gaming is closing we have been inundated with interested parties wanting to take on the mantle of ‘Keeper of Relicia’! We were a little overwhelmed by the response and want to...

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Happy Birthday to us! Happy Presents for You!

Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us! Well, what do you now, it happens to be Tor Gaming's birthday this month! Wouldn't be nice if we to give away some presents! Well guess what.... We are!! We have set up the cart to automatically add some free stuff to our...

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New Beta Profiles – Nuem Insanis and Britanan Bagpiper

New Profiles for the Nuem and Britanan!! Currently up on pre-order, the Nuem Insanis and the Britanan Bagpiper are two new profiles that are now moving into public beta. Whilst both new units have a support element to them, enabling the player to buff friendly units,...

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