Four New Stretch Goals Added to C’thu Kickstarter

Jan 20, 2016 | C'thu, News, Relics

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People keep badgering me! *sob*

We have been badgered a bit by the players of Relics to add something for ‘their’ faction as they are feeling left out! Seems, for some completely unexplainable reason, they aren’t interested in the C’thu!!

Well, I am never one to kick people when they are feeling down, rather I prefer to make them smile and cheer them up! So, to that end we have added four new stretch goals to the project.

Not only added, but also slotted them in the gap that has been created by the loss of some backers resulting in no changes to the existing stretch goals.

The lovely graphic bit…

So, check them out below and up your pledge to grab them! You know it makes perfect sense…

Now, they only show concept art but anyone who plays Relics will know what the concept to render to sculpt quality is like… These will be awesome, as usual.

So, what are you waiting for now?

Go and Pledge NOW!

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