Ridend Pre-Order for Expo Pick Up Now Live, Please Stop Harassing Me!!

We have been harassed a lot over the last couple of weeks about getting the Ridend up on the store so people can order them for pick up at the UK Games Expo.

It’s Live!!

So, to give us some peace and quite, the packs we know WILL be at the expo are now on the store for pre-order.

But it’s Pick Up Only

This pre-order is for picking up at the UK Games Expo only. As such, you will not be able to select any other shipping option. If you can’t make it to the Expo, you will just have to wait another month, sorry…..

Order Now and Save Before We Run Out!!!

Right now, the Ridend packs are on the store at 20% off and has limited stock on each item! As sales are made and we draw closer to the Expo, that discount will reduce. So if you want to maximise your savings whilst guaranteeing you get your models on the day, pre-order now!

If the limited stock is all used up too early, we may add more but if we do, the discount WILL reduce at that point so don’t wait!

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